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Part of loving our community involves looking after it so we meet on the third Sunday of each month 3-4.30 outside the Berryfields Primary school to pick up litter.


Equipment is provided and all ages are welcome. Drinks and homemade cakes afterwards in the community suite always feel well deserved!

Sundays on Berryfields.png

Audios of our Sunday talks

Below are the audio recordings of our talks from Sunday gatherings


There are also talks and video clips put up on our Youtube Channel:  

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If My People - 2Chronicles.7:14 170923Gareth & Jenny Lane
00:00 / 39:19
Weekend Away - 3rd teaching session (Round Up & Commissioning Rom.10) 10/09/23.mpIan Biscoe
00:00 / 28:18
Weekend Away - 2nd teaching session (Loving Disagreement James3:1-12) - 09/09/23Erika Biscoe
00:00 / 29:26
Weekend Away - 1st teaching session (Unity & Diversity in the church 1Cor.12) - 09/09/23Ian Biscoe
00:00 / 35:36
The Cloud of Witnesses (Heb.12:1-3) - 03/09/23Gareth Lane
00:00 / 28:28
Focused & Fueled for 2023 - Gareth LaneGareth Lane
00:00 / 24:06
Come & Share 181222Gareth Lane
00:00 / 16:07
Mary+Gabriel+Immanuel - 041222Chelson Solomon
00:00 / 26:03
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