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Jesus once said "I've come so that you can live life to the full" we like taking him at His word!  At Church on Berryfields there is a massive welcome to any residents who wants to join us in exploring together what it means to follow Jesus in our new community of Berryfields. 


Jesus spent much of his time in peoples houses at parties or having meals, we think that's a great place to start, so do link in with us on the web but better still meet with us at one of our midweek meetups in people's homes.  We're of all different ages, backgrounds and circumstances and love connecting with new people, so wherever you’ve got to in thinking about God, we would love to get to know you.  


Below are our values, the things that make us tick, the core of who we are, the passion in our hearts and the reason why we do the things we do

Building Community

Celebrating Jesus

Being Real

Sharing Life

Together we explore

what it means to follow the way of Jesus and what his transforming news means for our Berryfields community, for the world

and for ourselves.

Together we live on

Berryfields as a

community, celebrating,

eating together and

supporting one another

through the ups and

downs of life.

 Together we are part

of the new Berryfields community and are 

actively working with 

others here to form a vibrant and meaningful place to rest, work and play.

Together as a diverse

community and

individually valued by

God, we would love to

be people who accept

one another and be our real selves.

Our Leaders

Hi, we're Gareth & Jenny Lane and have lived on Berryfields with our 4 children since January 2014, having moved from South Aylesbury where we were for 4 years.  Prior to that we lived in High Wycombe where Gareth worked as an IT consultant and Jenny a primary school teacher.


Together we head up Church on Berryfields, Gareth is the Community Vicar as well as Chaplain to the Aylesbury Vale Academy and Berryfields Primary school.  He is also one of the Berryfields Parish councilors.


As well as weekly church meetups we have also organised the fundays in the park, carols at Christmas, and launched the Berryfields Tuesday CoffeeStop.  We're passionate about making Berryfields an even better place to live and helping us journey in faith as a community.

Our Connections

The Diocese of Oxford is the administrative area of the Church of England (Anglican Church) that, broadly speaking, covers the three counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.  As a CofE church we can conduct christenings/baptisms, weddings and funerals

The ACN is a network of churches in Aylesbury empowered by the Holy Spirit to work in unity to extend the Kingdom of God through word and action. The Network includes a wide mix of churches.

Aylesbury Vale Academy and Berryfield's Church of England Primary School

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Church on Berryfields

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