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The next BIG event!

Forthcoming Events

Regular Gatherings and MeetUps

Sundays on Berryfields.png

Sunday Gatherings

Mid_Week Meetups

Midweek Meet-ups

Berryfields CoffeeStop

Tuesday Coffee Stop

Fun in our Park 2014
Easter 2015
Sweetshop at Fun in our park
Community Tug-O-War
Christmas Crafts
Refugee Clothing Collection
Berryfields Dreaming
CoffeeStop Team
Breaking Bread & Drinking Wine
Picnic in our Park
BBQ anyone?
Cafe church
Fun in our Park
Easter 2016
Picnic in our Park
Carols in our Park 2015
Picnic in our Park
Crib Service 2015
Carols in our Park - AVA band
Kids Crafts

Scenes from our past events

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