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The Alpha Course

Curious about faith?  Alpha is a series that explores the basics of the Christian faith in a welcoming, open and friendly environment. It's free and there's no pressure or follow up.

Each session you'll be hosted in a group where you'll hear different topics on Christianity, and have time to chat through any thoughts. You can say anything you like or nothing at all.


Everyone's welcome. No matter your background or beliefs, you're invited.
If you would like to register your interest for the next Alpha Course please see details below.

How much does it cost?    

Absolutely nothing, it's completely free.

When does it start?

Next Alpha course is starting on Wednesday 1oth January 2023 at 8 to 9:30pm.

Location?   141 Paradise Orchard, Berryfields  HP18 0WQ





Interested? Send us a message using the contact form below, an email, text message, or give us a call and we'll get back to you.


How do I Sign Up?

To register on our next Alpha Course, please either send a WhatsApp message or text to 07919 332859 or complete the form below

Get in Contact with us about Alpha

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