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Youth at Church on Berryfields

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Youth Leader's

Hi we're Leon and Dot Githae and currently lead the Fearless youth group. Sadly we are in the process of changing roles to a new job in MK; so CoB will be seeking a new person to take the Youth forwards. 

Do check out our job advert and description below,  to find out more about what we're looking for.
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Please click on the job description below to find out more about our new Youth leader role.
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About us

We call ourselves Fearless and we are the YouthGroup for CoB.  It's suitable for anyone of Secondary school age. 

We are passionate about young people. We want them to live life to the max, free from the fears of life and to reach their God-given potential,

Monthly Rhythm

We want to grow as disciples of Jesus together. As well as praying and reading the Bible we want to grow in our relationships with each other and have fun! 
We also recognise that the Christian community is far wider than Berryfields so we are pleased to be part of Unite, an Aylesbury wide youth gathering on second Sunday of each month.  Our monthly rhythm of mid-week meetups looks pretty much like this:

Week 1: Fearless MeetUp @Esquires (Tues 6.30-8pm)
Week 2: Fearless MeetUp @Esquires (Tues 6.30-8pm)
Week 3: Fearless MeetUp @Esquires (Tues 6.30-8pm)
Week 4: Fearless MeetUp @Esquires (Tues 6:30-8pm) 

For more information then please do get in touch with:       Youth Team
Church on Berryfields                             




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